Who Makes Us So Great



Karen is the bread and butter of the stables. She has made everything possible and none of this could have happened without her. She has over 40 years of experience with horses and owns and operates Bandon Beach Riding Stables in Bandon, OR. She has done everything! Karen has experience in breeding, training, guiding, pack trips, hunting trips, parades, buggy rides, weddings and much more.



Jessie is the son of Karen and has over 20 years of experience with horses. He has worked for his mother for a majority of his life and also has experience with training and guiding. Jessie also served 11 years in the Air Force. He is very passionate about the family business.


Guide and Operations

Mel is the daughter of Karen and sister of Jessie. She has over 30 years of experience with guiding and training. Mel has supported Karen and has been her right hand at the Bandon Stables for many years. She continues to guide at the Bandon Stables during the winter months. At Silver Falls, she does it all! She is the main guide and our mentor. Mel does EVERYTHING to include repairing equipment, medicating horses, bathing horses, and even makes sure we are all fed!


Office and Operations

Norris works the office and keeps up with all of the administration. He takes care of our customers and ensures everything runs smoothly before and after each ride. He keeps everyone on track and assists with daily operations.


Mini Experience Assistant Manager

Emily came to us with a love and passion for horses. She handles the mini experience sessions and assists with numerous day to day duties aiding in smooth operations. We are lucky to have her!


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